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We hold those values close to our heart. We promise our clients nothing less than absolute confidentiality, honesty, and transparency.

We are so serious about these values that in addition to industry standards, we have created our own values and standards of conduct that we want our clients to hold us to.




Trust is a core professional value for AtlasSummit and for the financial services industry.
Confidentiality and honesty are the foundation of a relationship between our clients and us. Clients have a right to expect and demand that their personal information remains private. We are unshakably committed to this value. 

Standards of conduct


  • At all times, we will develop a relationship based on trust with our clients. 

  • Honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness will form the basis of all relationships with clients. 

  • Using the best evidence and information available, we will give honest, truthful, balanced information and advice to clients. 

  • We will always behave in a way that commandeers trust and confidence by being respectful of the client's expectations that their personal information will remain private.

  • We will always use our professional judgment and act responsibly when we have to disclose and share information with other critical entities (e.g. the IRS)

  • In a world of social media and technology breaches, we will do our utmost best to safeguard your information by using industry standard record management and appropriate use of social media.

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