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Atlas Summit Inc.


Formerly AAKOBB Financial Services, Atlas Summit Inc. is a privately-owned and operated brokerage of financial services that specializes in bringing top-notch, customized financial products and services to its clients by working with top-rated nationally-recognized companies in the industry.


  • Our mission is to help America’s middle-income families identify and resolve crucial financial matters that affect their lives. It is our mission to help families make better, informed decisions with their money.


  • Our Founder has over 20 years of experience life insurance, retirement planning, savings for college, debt management and federal taxation. Atlas Summit Inc., working in partnership with its affiliated companies, has brought quality and innovative financial products and services to its clients across the country and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.


  • We are currently licensed for insurance business in 10 states and continue to grow, while our tax services and all our other services – in accounting/bookkeeping, payroll, home loans, and business credit sourcing – have nation-wide reach. Our ultimate goal is to reach every corner of the country and bring our unparalleled products and services to our clients. 



We help our clients implement sound financial strategies in the following areas:

  • Protecting their income through life, long-term care, and disability insurance coverage

  • Adequately providing resources to fund children’s college education

  • Building a nest egg to see you through years of retirement without concerns of running out of money.


24/7 Personal Support Customer Service Representative

As a financial services company, we have relationships with a variety of other financial services companies and institutions; this allows us to get you the right products and services that are designed to meet your individual needs while fitting into your budget.



At Your Service
Patrick OsBourne, EA

Phone: 614-282-9004

Patrick C. OsBourne,EA is a seasoned and knowledgeable professional in the financial services industry, with a commitment to excellence and dedication second to none; a work ethic derived mostly from his years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army in which he was honorably discharged in pursuit of his American Dream. 

He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Boston University, prior to which he had graduated with honors from the prestigious University of Ghana Business School with a degree in Accounting. 

Patrick is a strong advocate for putting in place “financial lifeguards” to protect families against the unknown, the unexpected and the unpredictable. He has advised and consulted with clients in financial services (retirement plans, account roll-overs, life insurance, and annuities) for over 15 years.


Having worked for the IRS as a revenue agent for nine years, Patrick's background in Federal taxation has given him the unique opportunity to become extensively knowledgeable in the area of tax planning,  tax resolution, and the tax treatment for various financial products.


He has an unparalleled understanding of the tax implications (for his clients) in the use of different investment vehicles which makes him the go-to person when concerned with tax pitfalls and crucial financial decisions that families face (savings and investments, college education and retirement).


In addition, Patrick is an Enrolled Agent, which means he is authorized to represent people who have tax issues with the IRS and get those issues resolved for them. This, along with his experience as a former IRS agent, cements Patrick’s credentials as an all-round financial advisor that one can count on to handle all their financial matters under one roof.

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